It is a bug in this version of GIMP that no longer exists in gimp
2.8.0 and later -

it was corrected in February - 2012 by Massimo Valentini, just prior
to the 2.8 version release
in May.

Please take in mind that GIMP do _not_ maintain bug-fix releases of
outdated stable versions -
the current mainline branch is 2.8.x - and if your OS does not support
that, either upgrade, or refrain from trying serious work on it.

I am pretty shure that although GIMP 2.8 is not the official packages
for your 2012 Ubunut, there are GIMP 2.8 builds for it available under
alternate install methods.



PS. type
git show d93d2e71

at a GIMP source code checkout to see the fix.

On 9 January 2015 at 15:05, Roland Winkler <> wrote:
>> I just wrote my first script-fu for gimp which is supposed to save
>> an image in pbm format.  It works fine - except for that it saves
>> the image in ppm format instead of pbm format.  (The real format is
>> obvious from the size of the resulting file, though the file
>> extension is pbm).  What is going on here?  If I remove the last
>> line of the script and run the Save command from the menu, I get a
>> "proper" pbm file.
> Kind of related:
> There are two functions file-pnm-save and file-ppm-save (plus
> file-save-pgm and file-save-pbm).  What is the difference between
> file-pnm-save and file-ppm-save?  What triggers whethers file-pnm-save
> saves an image in ppm, pgm, or pbm format?
> Thanks,
> Roland
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