Good to know, thank you.  I have not yet tried to build gimp myself,
but I feel confident I should be able to get this working.
Certainly, I understand you do not want to provide bugfixes for
previous versions of gimp.


On Mon Jan 12 2015 Joao S. O. Bueno wrote:
> It is a bug in this version of GIMP that no longer exists in gimp
> 2.8.0 and later -
> it was corrected in February - 2012 by Massimo Valentini, just prior
> to the 2.8 version release
> in May.
> Please take in mind that GIMP do _not_ maintain bug-fix releases of
> outdated stable versions -
> the current mainline branch is 2.8.x - and if your OS does not support
> that, either upgrade, or refrain from trying serious work on it.
> I am pretty shure that although GIMP 2.8 is not the official packages
> for your 2012 Ubunut, there are GIMP 2.8 builds for it available under
> alternate install methods.
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