>Tikiman wrote:
>What are the dimensions of the photo? Many digital cameras produce 
>images with a 4:3 ratio, which doesn't exactly fit the 3:2 ratio of
>paper. Either a border has to be left along the shorter edges or part
>the image has to be cropped from the longer edges.
>I'm not sure if that decision would be down to the software or printer
>driver, but either way it's possible that GIMP / Linux driver takes
>former option so that no part of the image is lost, while Arcsoft / 
>Windows driver may have taken the latter option to produce a truly 
>borderless print at the expense of losing part of the image.
>Try cropping the photo in GIMP so that it does have a 3:2 ratio before
>printing. Also check File > Page Setup in GIMP to ensure it is not 
>adding margins. If that still leaves a border, I suspect it would be 
>more down to the printer or driver rather than GIMP.
>Hope that helps.
Hi Mark
I have looked at the properties of the pictures and the only detail given on
size is :-
Picture width = 5152 Pixels
Picture Height = 3864 Pixels
There are no picture ratios given in properties like 3:2 or 4:3 there are a few
other details but none relating to size. I think that I will try to crop or fill
the page or even increase the size of the picture to see what happens. Firstly I
will create a copy to work on as I don't want to lose the original
Many thanks for your input

Tikiman (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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