>I didn't make explicitly clear that the ratio I was referring to is 
>simply the ratio of width to height. In your case, as I suspected,
>4:3 (5152/3864 = 4/3).
>To crop your image to completely fill a 6x4 (i.e. 3:2 ratio) print, 
>you'll need to make the shorter dimension 3435 pixels (5152 * 2/3 ≈ 
>3435). So a total of 429 pixels need to be removed; you can control
>much of that comes off each side.
>Resizing won't help unless, as Gary mentioned, you distort the image
>stretching more in one dimension than the other. That may be an 
>acceptable alternative if you don't want to loose anything from the 
>edges by cropping and don't mind the slight distortion. If I was going
>to do that, I'd keep the shorter dimension as it is and increase the 
>longer dimension to 5796 pixels (3/2 * 3864).
>Definitely a good idea! I usually keep the originals even once I've
>the final result I want, just in case I want to go back and do
>No problem. Hope it works for you.

Hi Mark ,many thanks for the data and I have followed your information and have
altered the ratio to 3:2 and the paper size remains at 4 x 6 and I am now
printing on this size of photo paper corectly as it has achieved the desired
result. So now that this has been resolved I will mark the post as solved with
thanks to all the input from everybody.
Thank you 

Tikiman (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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