Tikiman wrote:
Tikiman wrote:
What are the dimensions of the photo? Many digital cameras produce
images with a 4:3 ratio, which doesn't exactly fit the 3:2 ratio of
paper. Either a border has to be left along the shorter edges or part
the image has to be cropped from the longer edges.

I'm not sure if that decision would be down to the software or printer
driver, but either way it's possible that GIMP / Linux driver takes
former option so that no part of the image is lost, while Arcsoft /
Windows driver may have taken the latter option to produce a truly
borderless print at the expense of losing part of the image.

Try cropping the photo in GIMP so that it does have a 3:2 ratio before
printing. Also check File > Page Setup in GIMP to ensure it is not
adding margins. If that still leaves a border, I suspect it would be
more down to the printer or driver rather than GIMP.

Hope that helps.
Hi Mark
I have looked at the properties of the pictures and the only detail given on
size is :-
Picture width = 5152 Pixels
Picture Height = 3864 Pixels
There are no picture ratios given in properties like 3:2 or 4:3 there are a few
other details but none relating to size.

I didn't make explicitly clear that the ratio I was referring to is simply the ratio of width to height. In your case, as I suspected, it's 4:3 (5152/3864 = 4/3).

I think that I will try to crop or fill
the page or even increase the size of the picture to see what happens.

To crop your image to completely fill a 6x4 (i.e. 3:2 ratio) print, you'll need to make the shorter dimension 3435 pixels (5152 * 2/3 ≈ 3435). So a total of 429 pixels need to be removed; you can control how much of that comes off each side.

Resizing won't help unless, as Gary mentioned, you distort the image by stretching more in one dimension than the other. That may be an acceptable alternative if you don't want to loose anything from the edges by cropping and don't mind the slight distortion. If I was going to do that, I'd keep the shorter dimension as it is and increase the longer dimension to 5796 pixels (3/2 * 3864).

Firstly I
will create a copy to work on as I don't want to lose the original

Definitely a good idea! I usually keep the originals even once I've got the final result I want, just in case I want to go back and do something different.

Many thanks for your input

No problem. Hope it works for you.

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