>Faced the very same (or similar?) problem while trying to resize
>photos made by digital camera. Very similar "grids" appear on
>nearly-flat surfaces with a bit of noise (like on sky). Surprisingly,
>faced the very same grids not only in GIMP, but in some other programs
>as well (in Image Viewer in Ubuntu 14.04, for example), so there may
>be a problem with underlying library (GTK?), not with GIMP itself.

But you said, you tested on Win 7 also. Was there same problem or not?

>Tests were performend with gimp 2.8.10-0ubuntu1 on Ubuntu 14.04, and
>with gimp 2.8.14 on Windows 7 Home.

I tried with your image too and can confirm that Moire appearead (with linear,
cubic and sinc methods).  It is serious problem, I think.



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