Steve wrote:

>I got the original image you posted, and enhanced the contrast with
>duplicate layers set to Overlay mode, plus some color curve tweaking:

This is not my original post you are talking about, it is already renat's
posting to this topic. So for interest of clarity i post my OP again, because
there are described simple steps I did:


After installing new Gimp 2.8 (on Lubuntu 14.04 64bit) for our employee, she
noticed, that scanned images are going pixelated (like moire effect) much more
than with previous Gimp when scaling images down. I made a little set to

This is clip of original scanned (300dpi) image:

This is how it looks after scaling down (Sinc algorythm) to the 51 percent

Same procedure with Gimp 2.6:

And scaled down with ImageMagick: (convert -geometry 292x360 100precent.png

I like most the Gimp 2.6 version, it has no pixelation, but black characters
have still sharp edges. ImageMagick is also not bad. But Gimp 2.8 version is not
for my . What is wrong here? Is there something to make it better?



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