On 04/19/2015 04:20 PM, wk_ wrote:
> Steve wrote:
>> I have never seen anything exactly like this, so I am confident that
>> it is not an artifact introduced by scaling an image in the GIMP.
> I don't understand your way to this conclusion. In my original post I have
> source scan, which I scaled down with 3 different tools (Gimp 2.8, Gimp 2.6 
> and
> ImageMĐ°gick). With first one Moire pattern appears, but not with others. How 
> it
> could be not realated to Gimp 2.8? The process is easily reproducible.

OH - in that case I missed an earlier post.  I will go back and see
what I can make of it.  Making scaling come out "right" vs. being
able to fix the noise would be a Good Thing.

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