On 05/30/2015 08:56 PM, mgroothuis wrote:
>> Having gone nuts with my brush collection I not wish to cull it but
>> have no easy way of viewing the brushes. Is there a piece of software
>> like the abr viewer for GIMP brushes?
> *not=now

This is a long standing annoyance.  In the past I have done this:

1) Copy all the brushes from the GIMP's system wide 'brushes'
directory into the user account 'brushes' directory.

2) Move or rename the system wide 'brushes' directory to make it
invisible to the GIMP without risk of losing it.

3) In the GIMP's dockable dialog for brushes, with a blank white
image canvas open and the brush tool active, work through the brush
collection checking for and deleting unwanted ones.

An easy way would be to convert all those .gbr files to jpg or png
with the same names and review those in any image viewer.  But alas...

I was very surprised to find that Imagemagick does not have a
decoder to read .gbr files, which makes the e-z way to convert all
those brushes to PNG or other files for more convenient review a
non-starter.  The GIMP can do this, but I have never waded through
the details and actually done it because Imagemagick is usually the
right tool for the job of batch image conversion.



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