>This is a long standing annoyance.  In the past I have done this:
>1) Copy all the brushes from the GIMP's system wide 'brushes'
>directory into the user account 'brushes' directory.
>2) Move or rename the system wide 'brushes' directory to make it
>invisible to the GIMP without risk of losing it.
>3) In the GIMP's dockable dialog for brushes, with a blank white
>image canvas open and the brush tool active, work through the brush
>collection checking for and deleting unwanted ones.
>An easy way would be to convert all those .gbr files to jpg or png
>with the same names and review those in any image viewer.  But alas...
>I was very surprised to find that Imagemagick does not have a
>decoder to read .gbr files, which makes the e-z way to convert all
>those brushes to PNG or other files for more convenient review a
>non-starter.  The GIMP can do this, but I have never waded through
>the details and actually done it because Imagemagick is usually the
>right tool for the job of batch image conversion.
Thanks Steve. I can see I will have to set some time aside; this is not going to
be done in 5 minutes flat, which is a pity but then again, it teaches me not to
be greedy ;-)

mgroothuis (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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