On 06/01/2015 05:55 AM, Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:

>> 1) Copy all the brushes from the GIMP's system wide 'brushes'
>> directory into the user account 'brushes' directory.
> Instead of merely adding a new location for brushes in the Preferences
> dialog? Why?

It was just the first thing that occurred to me.  Also, I have set
keyboard + mouse wheel commands to change brush size and hardness on
the fly.  I find that the size of any brush changes as expected, but
only brushes "owned" by the user will change hardness.  Between that
and wanting to be able to delete brushes that start out as read-only
in /usr/share I just find it more convenient to keep them all
(except a backup set, because I'm paranoid) in my user account's
.gimp tree.

I do a lot of photo rework and I find being able to change brush
size and hardness without changing brushes is hugely convenient.  I
have set things up so that Alt + mouse wheel up/down changes the
current brush radius, Ctrl+Alt + mouse wheel up/down changes the
brush hardness.

Of the seven brushes I use most frequently for "precision" work, six
are not included in the factory stock set:


And here's how I control their size and hardness:


One of these days I will pack these brushes up with brief setup
instructions and put them on the Plugin Registry or somewhere like
that.  Humm...  Now it occurs to me that I haven't even looked for a
setting that will change the brush angle on the fly, which would be
even more convenient.  Considering what some of the brush dynamics
settings do, I would not be surprised if this exists.



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