On 06/04/2015 12:04 AM, mgroothuis wrote:

> I am curious as to what the relationship between GIMP and an Internet 
> connection
> is. 

No much.You can access the online help or load an image from an URL, for
example. I'm not sure if e.g. the thumbnail verification for files
loaded from URLs would use net connections, though.

Some important things to know:

- what operating system do you use?
- where did you get GIMP from? (and are you sure about that, and can
  you verify that you are sure about it?)

> Yesterday afternoon my Internet connection went down and stayed down 
> for 4 hours. During this time GIMP slowed down dramatically: startup
> was much much slower, opening of images was dramatically slower, some
> of the filters (both G'MIC and internal to GIMP) took forever to 
> complete etc.

Did you run any network tracing tool to check what applications on your
system might be trying to connect, or where any connection attempts were
supposed to be going to?

> Once the Internet connection was restored all went back to normal!
> This morning GIMP opens rapidly, loads images speedily, and the
> filters are not struggling.

It should be easy to reproduce this problem if it is only the borken
connection by deliberately breaking it, preferably in a way that keep
your system still connected to a switch and with an IP address, for
example - did you try to do this, and what happened?

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