to be honest, what you are experiencing is the upgrading of your operating
system to yosemite.
i used to have macs for years and often i would find that after a few
upgrades the market didnt support various versions of older software so
they stopped developing it for newer macs. it sounds like you should go
back and have one machine for your older software that you were comfortable
with, and a newer one for the other features youre seeking. or dual
partition your hard drive so you can have both! :)

On Sat, Jun 13, 2015 at 3:06 PM, Tennessee <> wrote:

> Downloaded Yosemite.
> It destroyed my 7 year old free PhotoStudio.
> PhotoStudio was fairly easy to learn and provided ALL the tools one needed
> to alter
> photos with very professional results.  Easy sizing of tools.
> Easy choices of color.  Easy learning of various tools.  Great software.
> It was developed
> then for the Wannabe editors for personal use.   and it was FREE. Just
> challenging enough.
> I'm distraught in having lost it.
> ----------------------------------
> Being FREE, I chose Gimp as a replacement, thinking Gimp was going to be
> simple, like the old PhotoStudio was..
> My Yosemite wouldn't allow download.  I downloaded MacPorts.. no good.  The
> 3rd download you offered,  it opened right up.  First off, tool box and
> color chart popped up...easy choices.  Vertical box which I assume had
> sizing & layers within but not simple to understand at first viewing.
>   Next day,  Only the Image Manipulation Window appears....No tool box
> choices.  No color choices.  No whatever that vertical box was trying to
> convey...
> Only access now to the GIMP program is the horizontalTool Bar, which
> offered so many choices that it was overwhelming. Simple GIMP is NOT.
> You know...there are a million of us intermediates out there that NEED
> learning software.    A free service should be aimed toward intermediates
> like me...who found PhotoStudio just difficult enough to challenge but easy
> to learn, and a delight to use.  I'd be glad to pay $10 for a Free
> software that helps me edit pictures for fun and a professional look with
> simple tools.
> Your GIMP is for the professional person...why do you give it away.
> Why don't you have TWO free to attract the professional who
> wants your complexity for free...and the second to TEACH the
> beginning-intermediate editor to be a professional editor who could
> understand and use your present GIMP.
> Give us, for example,  the old PhotoStudio simplicity as a free software
> editor.  That was a GREAT photo editor.  I recommended it to everyone I
> knew.  Now it's obsolete.  What a pity... everyone now is supposed to be a
> learned professional and we intermediates are left out.   Sincerely.
> Frances
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