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> Downloaded Yosemite.
> It destroyed my 7 year old free PhotoStudio.
> ...

I'm distraught in having lost it.

I'm sorry to hear it!  It sucks when a piece of software you rely on and
enjoy using goes away because the company no longer supports or updates
it.  If only there was some way to let motivated people continue building
and expanding on the software for others...

> Being FREE, I chose Gimp as a replacement, thinking Gimp was going to be
> simple, like the old PhotoStudio was..

I'm genuinely curious, __*why did you think this__*?

Again, I'm curious, why did you assume that GIMP would be like your
previous software?  I understand that you may be frustrated with learning
to use a new tool, but WHY would you assume that the new tool would be
anything like the other one you were using?

> A free service should be aimed toward intermediates
> like me...who found PhotoStudio just difficult enough to challenge but easy
> to learn, and a delight to use.  I'd be glad to pay $10 for a Free
> software that helps me edit pictures for fun and a professional look with
> simple tools.

Why should a "Free" service be aimed toward anything other than what it
wants to aim for?  Or did you mean: "I want YOUR free software to cater to
MY requirements only..."?

If you're willing to pay $10 for a "free" software, then I anxiously await
your donation here:


> Your GIMP is for the professional person...why do you give it away.

Because we belong in a tree (ie: we're NUTS!)

Why don't you have TWO free offers...one to attract the professional who
> wants your complexity for free...and the second to TEACH the
> beginning-intermediate editor to be a professional editor who could
> understand and use your present GIMP.

How about we have ONE offer, and you can choose to learn to use it, or not?

I'm curious, did you even check these things out:


In particular, the tutorials section that covers many of the basics to get


Or perhaps searching for tutorials to help you get started?


What about the many different communities around that are focused on GIMP:


Or if you're interested in photography-related tutorials (disclaimer: this
links to my own site with some basics GIMP tutorials):

(more advanced) http://pixls.us

If there are simple questions that you need help with to get started, I
suggest that instead of sending an email to the mailing list lamenting the
loss of your precious other software, and expressing disdain that a
volunteer-run software project doesn't match your commercial software for
your particular uses, that you rather approach the list with questions
regarding the use of the new software to help support your particular

There are many, many helpful and friendly folks here who would be more than
happy to help direct you to answers to your problems...

pat david
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