On 06/27/2015 12:27 PM, Dora Smith wrote:

> What specific changes would I make to make the green and the blue
> lighter, and to make the color less intense and/or more translucent?

That can be done by putting the gradient on a layer of its own and
adjusting the opacity of that layer.


> One more thing; How do I make fat letters in GIMP?   It seems to
> just use the regular fonts that aren't fat.   PSP fonts, you could
> put different colors on the outlines and the insides of the
> letters.   I'd settle for fat letters.

Several possible solutions:

1)  Add more fonts to your system fonts directory, or the /fonts
directory of your user account's GIMP folders.  Tons are availalble
online, some commercial users have to pay close attention to
copyright issues when using "free download" fonts but that probably
ain't you.  :D

2)  Quick & Dirty method:  Duplicate your text layer, right click on
the duplicate layer in the Layers dialog, and select Discard Text
Information.  Right click again and select Alpha to Selection.  Back
on the canvas (image window), go to the menu item Select > Grow
Selection and tell it how much "fatter" you want your letters, in
pixels.  Finally, drag and drop to fill the selection with the color
of your letters.

3)  Outline the letters by using the Stroke Path command in the
Paths dialog.  I use this a lot, for instance to put a dark,
contrasting outline around letters that appear "over" image content,
to make the text more readable.

a.  With the Text tool activated, click your text to select it.

b.  Right-click the text layer to get the context menu, select Text
to Path.  This will create a vector path outline of the text.

c.  Create a new empty layer, put it UNDER your text layer, make
sure it is selected as the 'current' layer.

d.  In the Paths dialog, make sure your new path is selected and use
the Stroke Path button.  Set the width, corner style, etc. as
required in the dialog box that opens.


Try not to call the resulting images "memes."  A meme is a
contagious idea, which itself is an important and well studied idea
about the mechanisms that spread of information from brain to brain.
 The usage where meme = "a picture with words added" cane out of
4chan, which any oldfag can tell you was never any good.



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