Thanks so much Steve. 

Yes, I presumed I'd have to manipulate the colour first, what with the white
page looking more like brown/yellow etc. And thanks for the help on thickening
the signature - it was also something I'd planned on doing.

Very much appreciated, 

>The basic answer is, to put the text image on a layer above the
>painting, and with that layer 'current', and do Colors > Color to
>alpha, converting white pixels to clear ones.
>On a slightly more grungy practical note, the "white" paper with the
>signature is far from that.  It might pay to start by doing Colors >
>Desaturate on the text bearing layer, to simplify the situation.
>Then do Filters > Generic > Erode to "thicken" the lines of the
>signature a bit.  Then do Colors > Brightness / Contrast and dial
>the contrast way up to isolate the black lines on a white
>background, THEN do Colors > Color to Alpha to make the white
>A bit of cropping (Layers > Crop layer to selection), and some work
>with the Eraser tool to remove the not-clear region to the left of
>the signature, should give you a plain black signature to lay on top
>of the painting.
>It may also pay to duplicate the finished signature layer; invert
>the color of the lower copy; apply a bit of blur, and move the
>lower, white-line layer around a little to provide a contrasting
>outline behind the black signature, if a more visible & legible
>presentation of the signature is wanted.
>Or some such thing; lots of approaches are possible.

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