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> On Windows, at least for Logitech mice, there's a Logitech utility
> which allows button remapping. Not sure whether it works in the more
> general case. A quick google search would answer that I'm sure.

Just a quick update on my testing with Logitech SetPoint:

- I configured button 3 for "Universal scroll".  When I click button 3, moving 
the trackball up or down causes scrolling in that direction.  Unfortunately it 
is a toggle not a modifier, but I can work with that.
- There is also "AutoScroll", in which I can click the button and an anchor 
cursor appears at the mouse location; moving the mouse relative to the anchor 
causes scrolling in that direction.

The former scrolling behavior is more intuitive for me personally, however, it 
doesn't work in all Windows apps (GIMP, Inkscape, and Firefox alike).

Looks like XMouse is the next thing on my test list....

-- Stratadrake
Numbers may not lie, but neither do they tell the whole truth.

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