On Wed, Nov 04, 2015 at 09:18:46AM +0100, kwisj wrote:
> Hi
> I downloaded and set up SG powerdriver V4 for my Ricoh sg7100DN printer and 
> then
> eventually found out that I should download the powerdriver, which I did. But 
> it
> says there are two parts to the set up: one of which is configuring your
> graphics program. I have installed powerdriver, but I dont know how to 
> configure
> GIMP 28 for the powerdriver. There are instructions on the sawgrass site for
> various professional programs but not for gimp: it seems that these programs
> have preinstalled files relevant to the powerdriver. See here
> http://sawgrassink.indigofiles.com/product_documentation/sublijet/pdv4/SJR_7100_PSG_PS_CS5.5_PDv4_Preset.pdf
> Does any one know anything about configuring gimp for the SG Powerdiver?

I do not want to be rude and I know that is not polite to answer a
question with other questions but anyway, forgive my curiosity please,
some questions pops up in my mind: 

* why ask for support of a commercial product here?
* Are we in any way connected with this proprietary software?
* Should we?
* Why should we support any proprietary software for free
  (as in beer) when they gain the real money?
* did you ask for support to the proprietary software first?
* if you asked for support first did they answer you and what?

I understand that all started with buying that printer and because of
that you are now involvend involuntary in all this driver mess but I
really think that:

* IMHO creating some "driver" that needs some software support installed on
  all graphics softwares is all but a great idea
* you really should contact the printer and/or the driver software
  authors for this kind of support and specifically ask for GIMP support
  since I doubt that that kind of support comes from the various graphic
  software authors

this is my not very humble opinion and it is _not_ connected with any
GIMP devs opinion and sorry if I seem to be rude anyway but this was
not my intention. I hope you are understanding my points.


Marco Ciampa

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