Hi Marco
Not sure what you are talking about. I just wanted some advice on GIMP settings
that's all. The sawgrass software is proprietary...but it is part of the driver
for the printer..its a free download to fine tune graphics software and the
printer that you use when printing out an image. Nothing heavy. If its not
possible to fine tune GIMP then a simple 'not possible to fine tune GIMP ' would
have done. I have been to the sawgrass site but they only have tutorials for
proprietary software like 'Photoshop.'
Been using GIMP for years and have never needed to use the sawgrass powerdriver
All I wanted to do was to make sure GIMP and my printer software run as well as
I can make them together. Don't need any lectures thanx.
I guess GIMP cant drive a printer on its own, so I guess I need to use a
proprietary driver to print out whatever I create in GIMP, no?
Thanx for your advise...unvaluable

kwisj (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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