You complained that a submissions agent said your mail was in the wrong 
format.  kmail did display it, once, but on looking at the raw message, 
it was apparently base64 encoded without the proper mime headers that 
would have made it a legal message.  At that point kmail crashed and 
would not restart without crashing again and again. I was unable to grep 
to find that specific message and delete it, so I was forced to clean 
out the Gimp-user directory in its entirety.  Then it restarted just 

I was unable to determine what mail agent you were using, it did not 
identify itself in the headers I was able to read before the crash, but 
whatever it is, is seriously miss-configured.

For starters, its mime-typing is broken.  Is it perchance an Oracle 
product? They seem to be at the root of several recent email debacles, 
and I am tempted to see if mailfilter can see that its an Oracle sourced 
message and kill it while still on the server.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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