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How, do I pass in a list of characters? GIMP complains when I try to pass
in a list object. I have tried everything, I can think of.

You provided a list but it was a list of numbers, not characters. To create a list of characters you would use
    (gimp-message (list->string '(#\H #\e #\l #\l #\o #\!)))

Characters are written as #\ followed by a the character you want, or by #\ and the name of a character (ie. space, or newline).

For some additional information you can look in the R5RS under section 6.3.4 on page 28.

There is a minor error in the printing of characters that I need to fix. It shows them as "#\x" instead of just "#\". I also just had a thought that this information should be put in to some document about Script-Fu basics.



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