>There are future plans to allow users to allow easier control over the
>icon sizes etc, but at the moment it can be done using add-on themes.
>You will find links to some themes that I have made that use bigger
>icons (either 32x32 or 48x48) that others have found useful here:

Thank you very much, Kevin!

It might be a good idea, for users like me, to explain how to go about
installing the theme. As I did not realize that these were zipped files, I
started off by just putting the downloaded color theme and symbolic theme files
in what I thought would be the right folder, but, understandably nothing
happened. I then did a search on the file suffix in order to find out that they
were 7zip-files. I have now downloaded and instlled 7zip, and unzipped the files
and I now have a folder named "Color-48" with several subfolders and files in
it, but I am uncertain what to do? Should I place the WHOLE folder as it is in
the Themes folder? Or just some of the files? And on my Windows 10 PC, I found
one Gimp Themes folder in "C-> User-> Dag -> .gim-2.9-> themes" would that be
the correct folder?



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