You can do "on hover text" without using javascript. Do an internet search on keywords such as: css image on hover text

For example using css3:

There are also quite a few tutorials on the internet using css2.

On 06/20/2016 02:15 PM, Joao S. O. Bueno wrote:
actually, if you as much as create image maps, and replcae the
relevant URLs by javascript URLs you should get as close as waht you
wanta s possible.

Of course, images on themselves do not perform any action - actions
are all performed by the viewer program. Few programas will be more
feature-rich than a browser anyway.

Just beware the  "image map" thing is an arcane html constrcut from
the 90's - I am not sure it even works in a modern html5 borwser, but
if it does, replacing the link targets with javascript actions should
work just fine.

On hover text isn't necessarily arcane or outdated. It can be a nice way to preset text information.

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