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> You can do "on hover text" without using javascript. Do an internet
> search on keywords such as: css image on hover text
> For example using css3:
> http://geekgirllife.com/place-text-over-images-on-hover-without-javascript/
Except I think the OP was asking about regional hover areas on an image
overlaying information:

> I want to add hotspots to my drawing where I can hover the mouse over an
item and while it is there some additional information will pop up nearby

This is different than an image rollover, which is more of what is being
described in your link.  Technically you _could_ create a text area near an
image that could show different text varying based on context of mouse
position (possibly triggered through :hover, :focus, or :blur events).  But
that's outside the scope of what OP was asking for I think.  At least in
the context of an image editing program.

tldr; sure you can do this - pick a programming language or
html/css/possibly-js combination and augment your image in that way.
Images themselves don't do this normally.
Pat David
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