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    You can do "on hover text" without using javascript. Do an internet
    search on keywords such as: css image on hover text

    For example using css3:

Except I think the OP was asking about regional hover areas on an image
overlaying information:

 > I want to add hotspots to my drawing where I can hover the mouse over
an item and while it is there some additional information will pop up nearby

I think this is closer to what the op is looking for (I remember this link from trying to do something similar awhile back):


This is different than an image rollover, which is more of what is being
described in your link.  Technically you _could_ create a text area near
an image that could show different text varying based on context of
mouse position (possibly triggered through :hover, :focus, or :blur
events).  But that's outside the scope of what OP was asking for I
think.  At least in the context of an image editing program.

What the OP wants isn't part of any imaging program that I'm aware of.

tldr; sure you can do this - pick a programming language or
html/css/possibly-js combination and augment your image in that way.
Images themselves don't do this normally.


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