On 13/09/16 07:51, jwes wrote:
I frequently work with scanned or photographed handwritten documents and have
found and written tools for GIMP that make them more readable. This works for
files, but I also often read documents online. I would like to apply the same
tools to images in my browser but I am not sure where to start. Print screen and
paste does not work because of loss of resolution. Is there a browser that
allows me to route the screen through GIMP? Is there a way to display web pages
in GIMP? Is there something clever I haven't thought of?

I very routinely copy/paste images from by browser (Firefox) to Gimp. This paste the original image, without any loss (and this works on 20MPix images...). You can also copy the image URL in your browser and use File>Open location if the image can be accessed without user authentication.

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