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opensuse 42.1
linux 4.1.31-30-default x86_64
gimp 2.8.16

  Display color profile: Adobe RGB (1998)
  I have a Epson PM225 inkjet color printer.

  Several months ago the printer output an image whose color was a very
close match to the displayed image. Currently, the printer's output has
a strong green tint, a poor match to the display.
  The previous topic had several discussions regarding color profiles. I
have tried a variety of them for the display. None of the profiles has
made the slightest difference in the output.
  In GIMP settings for Color Management, (Edit :: Preferences :: Color
Management), I have set the "Printer simulated profile" to US Sheetfed
Uncoated. It has made zero difference to the output.
  One of the suggestions was to create a color profile for the printer.
The docs make no mention of how to do this. Epson does not offer a ICC
profile for that printer.

1. How do I create a color profile for a printer?
2. Why has the output image changed color?
3. Why has changing the color profiles made no difference whatsoever?

James Moe
moe dot james at sohnen-moe dot com

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