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   This is a continuation of the topic "Color mismatch when an image is

Then why not reply to that thread, or at least keep the same subject...?

opensuse 42.1
linux 4.1.31-30-default x86_64
gimp 2.8.16

   Display color profile: Adobe RGB (1998)
   I have a Epson PM225 inkjet color printer.

   Several months ago the printer output an image whose color was a very
close match to the displayed image. Currently, the printer's output has
a strong green tint, a poor match to the display.
   The previous topic had several discussions regarding color profiles. I
have tried a variety of them for the display. None of the profiles has
made the slightest difference in the output.
   In GIMP settings for Color Management, (Edit :: Preferences :: Color
Management), I have set the "Printer simulated profile" to US Sheetfed
Uncoated. It has made zero difference to the output.
   One of the suggestions was to create a color profile for the printer.
The docs make no mention of how to do this. Epson does not offer a ICC
profile for that printer.

1. How do I create a color profile for a printer?
2. Why has the output image changed color?
3. Why has changing the color profiles made no difference whatsoever?

Before going to the complexity of colour profiles, a quick question - does this only happen with GIMP, or other applications (e.g. LibreOffice / Word) as well?

From what I recall of your previous message, the printer hadn't been used for those several months. If all applications are affected, it sounds like you may have dried magenta (red) ink clogging the printer. Although you replaced the cartridges, ink can still dry in the print heads, and maybe even between the cartridge and heads.

Your printer probably has a feature to print a test page, usually accessed from the printer properties, which will print some patterns in various colours to check for blockages. One other thing I often do when having problems with colours is to create a page of text in LibreOffice consisting of the following in a large bold font:
Each word formatted in the corresponding colour. Print that and see how it comes out. I suspect the magenta will come out faint if at all, and the red and blue will be off-colour (the red appearing more towards yellow and the green more towards blue).

Alongside the test page feature, your printer probably also has a head-cleaning function. It might need to be run several times to clear a severe the blockage.


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