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> Your printer probably has a feature to print a test page, usually 
> accessed from the printer properties, which will print some patterns in 
> various colours to check for blockages.
  Yes, it does. And I have. The test patterns look normal and are
complete. Initially the patterns had missing segments; after a number of
cleaning cycles they finally became complete.

> One other thing I often do when
> having problems with colours is to create a page of text in LibreOffice 
> consisting of the following in a large bold font:
>    RED
>    GREEN
>    CYAN
>    BLUE
>    BLACK
> Each word formatted in the corresponding colour. Print that and see how 
> it comes out. I suspect the magenta will come out faint if at all, and 
> the red and blue will be off-colour (the red appearing more towards 
> yellow and the green more towards blue).
  I have created such a test document, cool idea. All of the colors
print normally AFAICT; the magenta *may* be a bit light, I have no way
to be certain. All of the colors are solid, and look like the color they
claim to be. The test document was created in Libreoffice.
  I imported one of the images from Gimp and printed it. The result was
the same: an off-color green tint. This implies the problem is the
printer, not Gimp or Libreoffice. While there a few processing steps
between an app and the printer, I would expect them to treat the output
data as sacred.
  Do the apps reference some common system values for deciding the
output color balance?

James Moe
moe dot james at sohnen-moe dot com

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