On 02/10/16 09:24, John Smith wrote:
Here is an example of the work-flow I have with Photoshop and I'd like to
have with the Gimp. I am NOT afraid of coding.


I move the cursor in the general area of where the click is needed without
fussing and then, if a non-moving tool is selected (lasso, brush, stamp
etc.), hitting the arrows moves the cursor 1 pixel (or 10 with a ctrl
arrow, 50 with an alt arrow) allowing me to have the cursor exactly where I
need it to be.

In order to do that I have to write a script that will get the information
about the tool that is selected. Then I have to access the part of the
application that moves the cursor.

Can't do. Neither cursor information nor current tool are available in the scripts (and BTW, you would also need to know the zoom factor). Scripts are meant to enhance the function, not the UI.

If the Gimp doesn't allow me to move the cursor from inside, I'll have to
build a tool working besides it to move the cursor when a non moving tool
is selected. It is basically a listener and a Boolean so that is no big
deal. What I need to know FOR CERTAIN before starting to learn the Gimp is
“Can I do this with the Gimp?” Or “Am I able to ascertain which tool is
selected and send the result elsewhere?”

Not without forking Gimp and writing a lot of C code, I am afraid. The SMOP is in the eye of the person who hasn't stated coding.


I have very often 500 layers (yeah, you read right, five hundred) in my
images. Some of them have layer masks some don't.

I activate a layer by right-clicking in the image and choose from a list.
Then I want to add a mask if there is none or activate the layer mask if
there is one just by pressing the f3 key.

I can write the code to do this IF IT IS POSSIBLE, So my question is can I
do things like that with the Gimp.

You can do *that*. You may be able to do *other things like that* (but not knowing exactly what the are, I can't answer).
So you see my problem is NOT to unlearn Photoshop as someone said. I have
the time and capacities to adjust a program to my needs, provided the
program can send me the right information. Can I get the information
needed? I meant the program knows what tool is selected or if there is a
layer mask, or what layer is below my cursor. Can I have access to that

Your problem is still to unlearn Photoshop. Here you are focusing on one specific task, but differences are all over the place. Gimp is not a Photoshop clone, it is an image editing application on its own right, with its own ways. You are going to spend a lot more time coding than Gimping. For what it's worth, you would not be the first to try, and there used to be a a Gimp fork called GimpShop (don't use the version you'll find of the web, since the project has been hijacked and is now mostly a vector for malware).

Maybe you should stick to Photoshop. Or maybe you should use Gimp which I have heard is somewhat easier to script, so maybe you can handle your 500 layers in very different ways if you look at the problem from a Gimp perspective.

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