On 02/10/16 10:59, Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:
On Sun, Oct 2, 2016 at 11:37 AM, Ofnuts wrote:

So you see my problem is NOT to unlearn Photoshop as someone said. I have
the time and capacities to adjust a program to my needs, provided the
program can send me the right information. Can I get the information
needed? I meant the program knows what tool is selected or if there is a
layer mask, or what layer is below my cursor. Can I have access to that

Your problem is still to unlearn Photoshop. Here you are focusing on one
specific task, but differences are all over the place. Gimp is not a
Photoshop clone, it is an image editing application on its own right, with
its own ways. You are going to spend a lot more time coding than Gimping.
For what it's worth, you would  not be the first to try, and there used to
be a a Gimp fork called GimpShop (don't use the version you'll find of the
web, since the project has been hijacked and is now mostly a vector for

Maybe you should stick to Photoshop. Or maybe you should use Gimp which I
have heard is somewhat easier to script, so maybe you can handle your 500
layers in very different ways if you look at the problem from a Gimp
Personally, I have a problem understanding your response.

John asked a very specific question and outlined the exact features
he's missing to get his job done. No amount of unlearning Photoshop
will get GIMP to send the data that he needs. Those are completely
orthogonal things.

He needs the data because he wants to use Gimp like he uses Photoshop. Learning to use Gimp as Gimp should remove that need (and plenty of others, because IMHO the OP considerably underestimates the coding required...)

I also have the nagging thought that someone with deeply entrenched habits is doing the same thing very repetitively, which is a good target for scripting.

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