>If the layer you are trying to erase on has no alpha channel, then the
>eraser will paint in the background color instead of making the pixels
>transparent. Could it be your problem, by any chance?
>Another thing I can think of: do you have several layer and are you
>erasing the right one?
>Again: would you have an active selection and you try to erase outside
>of the selection? Go in menu: "Select" > "None".
>If not one of these, please could you explain what you mean by "the
>eraser stops working". What is happening when you try to erase? We
>need more details to not have to guess what you are experiencing.

Well I will try to remember that for the future, in this case when I opened the
file again the next day it worked fine.

More explanation: I am creating a new image from pasting images as layers and
editing them. I paste then erase parts. I can do this 10 or 20 time when for
some reason the eraser does nothing. In doesn't erase the pasted layer or the
background it has no effect at all. I'm wondering if it's a memory problem?

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