>AFAIK you can't, but anyway how do you expect the user to enter the 
>bazillion numbers? If you want that many numbers just ask for a file 
>name and read the file.

The user already can. I wrote a custom system for making GTK configuration
windows that I use with all my plugins instead of the default python-fu thing
that just stacks all the widgets into a grand tower of Babel.
Where the enums come into play is allowing other scripts to call this one via
the PDB. Not really a problem right now since the registry's dead and therefore
it won't end up in the hands of others for a while (right?). I'm just

Guess for now I'll refactor it to make the PDB method take i32's & floats
instead of arrays, and if some other weirdo wants the full horror of my plugin,
they'll just have to import the class.

If anyone else knows a way or has other inquiries, I'll stay subbed to this

>Or maybe your array can be pixels values in a layer (these are easy to
>get in Python) in which case the user would just specify a second

You say that, but I was entirely unable to get proper pixel info in one of my
past scripts. I could get standard 8-bit info, but no 32-bit floating point info
that everything apparently uses now (2.10 RC-1).
Unless I'm completely missing it, the python-fu docs are patchy at best. Most of
my knowledge comes from trying to interpret the auto-generated pydoc stuff,
incomplete docs from like 4 years ago, or reverse engineering other over-the-top
scripts like LayerFX.

Beinsezii (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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