On Tue, 2022-10-25 at 14:43 +0800, Bret Busby wrote:
> On 25/10/22 10:18, Ralf via groups.io wrote:
> > Temporarily we can continue to think about how to proceed at
> > 
> > https://groups.io/g/evolution-users
> > https://groups.io/g/gimp-users
> > 
> Just to clarify - when I set up the replacement lists at groups.io (and, 
> I have set up another one, for a different gnome product), I did not set 
> them up to be as temporary facilities.
> The lists were set up to replace the applicable gnome.org mailing lists 
> that are being shut down.


thank you again for your efforts.

The Evolution mailing list at Gnome has around 850 subscribers, hence
groups.io can't be a non-transient solution for this list.

While I'm not against donations, I consider donations as a last resort,
that should be avoided. The day we spend more money for donations, to
keep FLOSS alive, than we spend for one time purchases to get
proprietary software and free as in beer lifetime support, FLOSS is dead

Somebody mentioned a proprietary replacement for Gimp, while I mentioned
another FLOSS project for Gimp. I can't speak for this other person, but
only for myself. It was not meant as trolling.

Actually I'm using both, the proprietary software mentioned by this
other person and the FLOSS software mentioned by me. I migrated a long
time ago from Gimp to those other solutions and a few more for other
reasons and I never bothered anybody by recommending to do the same.

Mentioning an alternative was done due to the step made by the GNOME
foundation, to drop the mailing lists without providing a reasonable
replacement. I'm not completely pissed off by a forum, I'm completely
pissed of by a forum with gamification.

The other FLOSS software I mentioned (Krita) provides a mailing list.

Btw. for those who are not only in pixel graphic, for photography there
are anyway IMO way better solutions available, FLOSS as well as
proprietary, to see just a few, take a look at
https://lensfun.github.io/usage/ . IMO a plugin for Gimp still doesn't
make it a good app for photography. YMMV!

I'm not aware of software to my taste, that can replace Evolution for me
and I used almost all known MUA software.

While I'm not a MC user, for this purpose I'm in favour of command line
with bashisms, I doubt that there's a replacement available for MC.

As GUI editor I replaced Gedit for other reasons a long time ago by
Pluma and Pluma by Xed and I even used Kate and similar. However, I
never joined a mailing list for any of these editors.

In a nutshell:

IMO a free as in beer mailing list is useful for some apps and I expect
it should be able to hold way more than 100 subscribers and not be
limited to 1 GiB.

Apart from replacing a dropped mailing list by a new mailing list
another workaround/solution could be replacing an app by another app.
For me and for some other users replacing a mailing list by Discourse is
no option. 

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