On 25/10/22 10:18, Ralf via groups.io wrote:
On Tue, 2022-10-25 at 08:31 +0800, Luigi via evolution-list wrote:
Since we only have a few days left may I suggest the group focus on
putting forwards what options we have and those actually doing the
work can decide the best choice and we go for it (even if its not


Savannah was also mentioned by the MC mailing list (IIRC not for the
mailing list, but for tickets).

On the Gimp mailing list there was a pointer to
https://www.tuxfamily.org/en/about .

It would be nice if former gnome.org mailing lists migrate to the same
new location.

Temporarily we can continue to think about how to proceed at


IMO Savanna is a quite good idea, but FWIW Midnight Commander, Gimp,
Gedit and Evolution have got BSD ports, too.


Just to clarify - when I set up the replacement lists at groups.io (and, I have set up another one, for a different gnome product), I did not set them up to be as temporary facilities.

The lists were set up to replace the applicable gnome.org mailing lists that are being shut down.

Of course, as I said in the messages announcing these lists, that I posted to the gnome.org mailing lists, it is up to you, to choose what you do.

So, if you choose to leave the lists that I have set up to replace the gnome.org mailing lists that are being shut down, that is your choice.

The lists that I have set up to replace the gnome.org mailing lists that are being shut down, are, and will be, available, if you choose to use them for seeking support for, and otherwise (appropriately) discussing the applicable software packages to which the lists relate.

So, I did not set up these lists at groups.io, with the intent of them having an expiry date.

They are there, for use for the purpose for which they were set up, as defined in the list description of each list that I set up.

Bret Busby
West Australia

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