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Temporarily we can continue to think about how to proceed at


Just to clarify - when I set up the replacement lists at groups.io (and,
I have set up another one, for a different gnome product), I did not set
them up to be as temporary facilities.

The lists were set up to replace the applicable gnome.org mailing lists
that are being shut down.


thank you again for your efforts.

The Evolution mailing list at Gnome has around 850 subscribers, hence
groups.io can't be a non-transient solution for this list.

I think that we should wait and see what happens.

So far, the membership numbers for the gimp and evolution users mailing lists that I set up at groups.io, are 14 and 28, respectively.

When a mailing list is shut down, some go one way, and, others choose to go other ways.

When the about 57,000 rootsweb,com mailing lists were shut down by ancestry.com, after taking over rootsweb.com, many of the list administrators created replacement lists at groups.io .

In the migration, some people went to the replacement groups.io lists that were set up to replace the rootsweb,com mailing lists, some went to google groups, some went other ways, and, others just gave up.

Whilst some lists had hundreds of members at rootsweb.com, the replacements lists at groups.io, for some of those lists, ended up having less than a hundred subscribers.

Some lists at rootsweb.com, were merged into consolidated lists at groups.io, so that, for example, one list at groups.io, that now has slightly less than 100 subscribers, was a merge of three or four lists, that had about 300-400 subscribers.

In any migration, whether it be mailing list subscribers, or wildebeest or kudzu or bison, losses will occur.

Some of the people on some of the gnome lists, are being quite vocal about all kinds of possibilities, but, seem to be doing nothing about any of the possibilities.

With the current membership numbers of the lists that I set up at groups.io, to replace the lists hosted at gnome.org, I expect that the number of subscribers on each, will not approach 100, as I believe that many people are simply giving up.

But, I will wait and see what happens.

Bret Busby
West Australia

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