mrweb wrote:
> Hi List,
> I was working with a couple of images the other day, simply adjusting the
> tonal qualities on one of them when suddenly gimp went wild on me.
> Within only a few seconds my screen was filled with hundreds of task bar
> buttons for a multitude of new copies of the image in question. Before I
> could kill it off my entire 19" monitor screen was completely covered with
> new copies of the image.
> I shut down my system and when I went to reboot I could only boot into
> text mode?
> Has anyone else experienced this, who may possibly be able to suggest a
> fix?
> Much thanks,
> Wade

I had something similar to this happen.  I was using 1.1.24 and I ran
out of disk space.  Something like that might make it impossible for X
to run also.

It really sounds like that cascading error window problem from way back
then.  Which version are you using?  How much space do you have on your
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