Juhana Sadeharju wrote:
> By the way, it doesn't look good if people are here pointed to use
> other software; why not ask how Gimp could be improved for making
> all the above possible? Thanks.

The developers have a set of priorities.  When Image Magick does batch
work so well, work on the gimp can proceed in a different direction. I
can't remember these priorities (I am not a developer, nor do I play one
on tv) but one of them I do know is quality over speed.  Those
developers are all so busy right now, they have been waiting along time
to begin gimp 2.0 and have their ideas pretty firmly in mind.

>From my lurking on the lists, I have noticed that the hard core gimp
users have a lot of respect for Image Magick.  Linux is "World
Domination Through Cooperation", after all.

You might have to use image magick for the batch work.  It would not
suprise me if they work together easily.  It's one computer, right?

One option for you is to start working on making the gimp do batch
work.  Once you get it working, commit it to the cvs.
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