Here's one way to try:

Open the gimp, and fire up guash (Gimp Users Another Shell), 
which gives you a visual schnauzer effect with thumbnails.  You 
can click on each image to open it, perform your cropping and 
save it back, then go on to the next.  Since you have to do the 
cropping by hand and observation anyway, this seems easiest.

Follow up with a batch shell script using ImageMagick's tools to 
set gamma, etc.

I am interpreting your list of image operations as being the 
same for all images (rotation, greyscale balancing, etc.).  
Certainly ImageMagic can do much of this directly from the 
command line, thus leading to a simple shell script.

The main issue seems to be handling images where your own 
judgement is required - if each image gets the same processing, 
then you only need the gimp for the interactive part, which, if 
I understand your requirements, is to select the area for 

Hope this helps,

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