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An indexed image can contain any number of colors (3, 7, 21, 86, 
. . .) up to the maximum limit of 256.

In brief:  GIF is a simple indexed format, one byte per pixel, 
which limits the total number of colors to 256 maximum.  It will 
allow for on/off transparency; one color can be called 
transparent.  JPEG allows for millions of colors (3 bytes per 
pixel, actually, one each for Red, Green, and Blue), but its 
compression scheme is lossy, trading fine color detail for 
reduced size.  The usual rule of thumb is GIF for line art and 
pictures with large areas of a constant color, JPEG for images 
with lots of detail such as photographs.

Nothing really beats loading an image into the Gimp and just 
playing with it.  There's always new stuff to be discovered.

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