Hi Rick -
Can't answer most of your questions, but I do
have one suggestion. When dealing with existing
jpegs, or graphics that you work with in Gimp
and then convert to jpegs, save a "master" copy
(as RGB) in .xcf, Gimp's native format. This way
you preserve all of the original quality. Then if
if you have to make any additional changes, you
can go back to your "master" copy and work with it.

... of course, I use Gimp at work where I've got
enough memory to store two of everything ;-)

Teri Ward

> What would happen to a jpeg image if I open it up and save it at 75% quality. 
>  Reopen the image and save it again at 75%?  Would there be loss to quality?  
> Seems like it would.  Once I opened a picture I saved at 75% before and saved 
> it at 100%.  The file size increased.  I don't understand that.  There are 
> times when I want to open a jpeg just to resize the picture, and then save it 
> again - but I don't want to lose any more quality - and I don't want to 
> increase the file size compared to what it was before.   How do I go about 
> handeling this?
> Also, where can I find documentation on the web where I can lern all about 
> jpeg?
> Thanks in advance.

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