What would happen to a jpeg image if I open it up and save it at 75% quality. 
 Reopen the image and save it again at 75%?  Would there be loss to quality?  
Seems like it would.  Once I opened a picture I saved at 75% before and saved 
it at 100%.  The file size increased.  I don't understand that.  There are 
times when I want to open a jpeg just to resize the picture, and then save it 
again - but I don't want to lose any more quality - and I don't want to 
increase the file size compared to what it was before.   How do I go about 
handeling this?

Also, where can I find documentation on the web where I can lern all about 

Thanks in advance.

On Wednesday 04 April 2001 19:13, you wrote:
> Rupert -
> An indexed image can contain any number of colors (3, 7, 21, 86,
> . . .) up to the maximum limit of 256.
> In brief:  GIF is a simple indexed format, one byte per pixel,
> which limits the total number of colors to 256 maximum.  It will
> allow for on/off transparency; one color can be called
> transparent.  JPEG allows for millions of colors (3 bytes per
> pixel, actually, one each for Red, Green, and Blue), but its
> compression scheme is lossy, trading fine color detail for
> reduced size.  The usual rule of thumb is GIF for line art and
> pictures with large areas of a constant color, JPEG for images
> with lots of detail such as photographs.
> Nothing really beats loading an image into the Gimp and just
> playing with it.  There's always new stuff to be discovered.

Rick Rosinski
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