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>Hi GIMP users, new to professional, I have a burning question.  I
>made a comment about how good I thought GIMP was as an art/paint
>program and got blasted by some folks saying it absolutely could not
>compete with the likes of Photoshop or Painter?  I still say they are
>wrong, even though I have had only limited experience with GIMP so
>far.  I would be curious to know what others have to say about the
>quality of GIMP and if professionals find it useful in their work
>and/or for personal use?  Some say GIMP is useless to know & use in
>the real world as no graphics employer knows GIMP nor would hire
>someone that only uses GIMP.  Any truth to that?  Thanks for your

When 1.0 came out, several magazines reviewed GIMP.  At least a few
said that it held up quite well to Photoshop in everything except
prepress.  Strangely enough, Adobe is currently doing its best to
alienate the prepress crowd, so I suspect GIMP is well-poised to move
into this field if it wanted to.

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