[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-11-21 at 2159.29 -0800):
>         One question to ask.. which version of X does SuSE 7.1 come
> with? I'm not familiar with it, but if it's => 4.0, you won't need
> fetchmsttfonts, as Truetype font support is included in XFree86
> 4.*. Check the version of X first, and we'll get your fonts set up.

If IIRC, fetchmsttfonts is not about supporting fonts, but about
downloading and installing the MS fonts. For XFv4 you can use them
directly, and in older ones you can use a font server (in both cases
read the docs about how to add new font dirs). Anyway, with GIMP that
is necessary for the normal and gdyntext texts, freetype plug-in
supports the fonts by itself.

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