[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-11-22 at 1005.55 -0800):
> Hi, Guillermo:  Happy Thanksgiving Day wherever you are.

A place where we do not have that holiday. Thanks anyway. :]

> Well, I was expecting a change in the font selection list in Gimp1.2 after 
> running fetchmsttfonts.  Didn't see it.  So, I'm thinking there has to be 
> another step to take, to have Gimp see the newly installed fonts.  

Make sure your X sees the font, with "xlsfonts | grep arial" ie. The
steps should be in the X docs or howtos. Depending on the distro, they
create the necesarry files when they detect a new font dir when
restarting the font server, if not, only option is docs.

> Then tell Gimp something someplace? to see it.

Then restart Gimp so it gets the new list from X.

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