On Saturday 26 January 2002 22:43, Richard Konrad wrote:
> This may be an old topic.....
> I am trying to create a new logo using gimp but the fonts it (redhat
> 7.2)  comes with are extremely limiting.  Where can I download and
> install more fonts (decorative ones like windows parisian etc)

I suppose limiting is in the eye of the beholder. I am pleased with the 
selection of fonts that come with Gimp. Maybe they are in the Gimp distro,
maybe they came with Slackware. All I know there is a bunch of them.

It pays to upgrade from the version of Gimp that came with your system
to the latest stable version available. You may find goodies included not 
found with RH, Slackware etc. Don't feel bound to find an RPM version. 
the standard utilities gunzip, tar, make etc. work just fine on RH systems. 

Do you have e.g. Rudelsberg, Frizquadrata etc.? I do. 

John Culleton

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