Hi Richard -

There are a number of font repositories on the web where you can 
get free fonts.  Since they come and go with alarming frequency, 
your best bet is to do a search for something like "free fonts" 
and see what you get.  With RH 7.2 I think you already have a 
true-type font server, so you can use anything you get from 
almost any of the free font repositories.

It's also a good idea to look up the font HOW-TO, and check on 
the web for installation tips and tricks.  I have gone through 
all the appropriate incantations myself and have true-type fonts 
working just fine on my old RH 6.1 system, but I hesitate to 
give you my cookbook recipe because I think it's easier on your 
later system.

Anyway, it's all out there, and I even have Parisian. (Well, a 
font called Paris, that is caps only, in a nice art-nouveau, 
turn-of-the-last-century font.



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