Here are some references from the Debian-user list:

>> How do I install truetype fonts which came from my windows font
>> collection into Debian ( particularly in X)? I am using Potato.
>Debian specific:
>Non-Debian specific:

The font-deuglification might be a bit out of date, I think it talks
about using the truetype fontserver which you don't need with newer
versions of X. I have the windows truetype font collection and the
Adobe font folio (like 8000 fonts!) on my linux system thanks to the
first link. Check it even if you don't use debian because it points
you to the windows font collection--useful to install for a web
designer because everyone in the universe has those fonts. ;)

Thus spake Richard Konrad ([EMAIL PROTECTED]):

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> Subject: [Gimp-user] fonts
> Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2002 21:43:48 -0600
> This may be an old topic.....
> I am trying to create a new logo using gimp but the fonts it (redhat
> 7.2)  comes with are extremely limiting.  Where can I download and
> install more fonts (decorative ones like windows parisian etc)
> Richard
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