On 2002-01-31 at 0124.38 -0800, Doris Philastre typed this mail:
> Okay, I created an image in GIMP that has no
> background for use on a web site. I saved it as a .psd
> file because GIMP doesn't support .gif. I went into
> Photoshop to convert the file format and I couldn't
> figure out how to do it there either. I then went into
> Microsoft Photo Editor and converted it - problem is
> that the outline of the picture is now all jagged and
> it looks really horrible. The .psd file viewed in
> either GIMP or Photoshop is what I want to use. My
> question is how I can get GIMP to save it as a .gif (I
> tried downloading the LZW plug-in but I am not sure it
> worked) or change the format in Photoshop.
> Thanks!
> Doris
hi Doris.

sounds like you need to install the non-free GIMP.  i am not sure how
your distribution handles this, but the gif libraries need to be special
requested to keep the developers out of jail.  same with tiff format.

once you figure out how to get the "non free" stuff from your
distribution and to The GIMP, there is the problem of the jaggies on

gif format doesn't support partial transparency.  a pixel is transparent
or not.  one way to handle this is to know what the background color of
your web page will be, put that background on your transparent gif.
Select ->By Color or use the magic wand to select the color you used for
your background.  then Edit ->Cut.  

there is a plug-in for this also, but i can never remember where it is
at and what it is called.  

have fun with GIMP.  there are some differences in Windows software and
Linux software.  One thing, since it is being developed by volunteers,
sometimes the desire for more ability for the software outweighs the
need for easier to use software.  stick with it though.  a bit harder to
do things, in this case, means more flexibility and ability (imo).

good luck with The GIMP
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