FreeBSD 4.5
Gimp 1.2.2

please reply off list as well, as i am not subscribed, thank you.

i am having a problem printing to a PostScript printer clearly.
i can print Netscape Postscript output just fine.  very clear.
but when i print Gimp Postscript output, it has a 9-pin
"dot matrix" quality for lack of better words.

12 point Adobe Courier PS font is not even "solid and defined".
it's somewhat fuzzy, with a "dotty" or "crosshatch" effect.
10 point PS fonts are hardly legible.

i think it's due to Gimps PS rendering from XCF.

i would appreciate it if anyone can tell me how to
get better PS output quality from Gimp.  i am trying
to design business cards, but the output i am getting
is definitely not high enough quality for serious use.

thank you.
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